1- Are our certificates unknown as recognized and usable?
    Yes, the name Hartford Training USA alone speaks for itself, and having a Certificate or Diploma from us will defiantly open doors in your career.
    2- How long do I have to study online and receive my Diploma or Certificate?
    After registration for the course and receiving the syllabus according to the course credit hours you will have two to three months to complete the course, and after passing your exam the Certificate or Diploma will arrive in (10 - 14) days almost 2 weeks later.
    3- Why does it take 2 weeks to get our Diploma or Certificate?
    Because it’s issued in USA and postal delivery takes time.
    4- Are all your courses approved by USA educational system?
    Yes all of our syllabus and studying materials are approved by the educational director who is a licensed educator.
    5- Are the studying materials and Certificate or diploma included in the course cost?
    Yes, all the studying materials and Certificate or diploma are included in the course cost.
    6- How do I pay for my online course?
    We accept Western Union or Money Gram forms of payment. Please contact us before you sent payments.
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