1. Business Management
    Study the principles of management for supervisory and managerial skills in any business environment.
    Our modules cover: Effective Management, Employing People, Performance Management and Time Management
    2. Business Marketing
    Study Marketing, advertising and promotion for all owners and staff involved with promoting the products and services of any business that you are interested in.
    3. Business Finance
    Take our course in financial management and learn how to be responsible for business accounting.
    4. Business Administration
    Learn different techniques of Administration for supervisory and Administrative Skills in any business environment.
    5.  Human Resources Management

    This course provide knowledge in the HR field for those who are working as HR managers and who wish to become HR managers. By providing the main rules for Employing people, Performance, Stress and Crisis Management.

    6. Executive Secretary
    This course is designed for people who wish to work as office executives. Our course provides the skills needed in the field of administration & secretary.
    7. Secretarial Skills
    Learn basic office skills to guide you through the working office environment.
    8. Effective Customer Service Skills

    This course leads you through the fundamental required skills for How to effectively deal with customers and hospitality principles

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